Privacy Policy

With regard to the personal information protection policy at Revascular Bio Co., Ltd. (“the Company” hereinafter), upon the recognition that it is its important responsibility to protect the personal information of users of its website appropriately, the Company prescribes the following policy for handling such information to strive for the proper use, management, and protection of personal information.

1. Compliance with relevant laws, regulations, etc.

The company complies with laws and regulations applicable to personal information.

2. Acquisition of personal information

When personal information is requested to be provided to the Company, the Company will explicitly indicate the purposes of the use of such personal information in advance.

3. Use of personal information

(1)The company will use personal information it obtains only for the purposes of use explicitly indicated in advance and within the scope of laws and regulations, and the purposes of use will be limited to the extent necessary for the achievement of the purposes of normal corporate activities.

(2)The company may use cookies, IP addresses, etc. at the website it operates for:

(a)clarifying causes of and solving failures and problems occurring at the server and

(b)improving and customizing the content of the website, emails, etc.

Users of the website may reject the use of cookies by configuring their browser or other means, which may, however, cause restrictions such as being unable to use some functions including customizing functions.

4. Disclosure of personal information to third parties

The company will neither disclose nor provide personal information it obtains to any third party except upon the consent by a user himself/herself, in accordance with laws, regulations, etc., or for any justifiable reasons.

5. Management of personal information

The company will manage personal information it collects by complying with relevant laws, regulations, guiding principles, guidelines, etc. and taking safety measures at an appropriate and reasonable level in order to prevent its leakage, falsification, loss, and use for purposes other than those explicitly indicated.

6. Responsibility of linked websites

Company’s website contains links to other websites.

While we pay adequate attention to the choice of linked websites, as the Company is not responsible for personal information protection and content at other websites, please confirm the policy of each website.

7. Other

With regard to the handling of personal information, we will review the personal information protection policy prescribed above appropriately in accordance with revisions, etc. of relevant laws and regulations and strive for an improvement in our efforts.